- Custom flower breeding using chemical manipulation
 - Specialty: Cafe-Au-Lait Dahlias
- Falls Church, Virginia

If your company has breeding goals to achieve a certain hue or petal shape of flowers or berries, please contact us, we may be able to help. 
The results are usually ready in one growing/blooming cycle.

We will be working with some of the leading breeders in 2022.
We do all of the breeding work ourselves, so our services are 100% confidential.

Custom breeding service is offered for any types of flowers, berries, vegetables, grasses, or other plants - not just dahlias!


Coming Soon: We are working on a report on our theory of color changes in flowers, berries, vegetables, and other plants.  It will also include some information on petal changes in dahlias, echinaceas, zinnias, and peonies.  The report will not have any proprietary information on how we change bloom/fruit color or petal shape, chemicals that we use, or any other details of the protocols.  The report will have the results of the chemical manipulation experiments, and our theory of the directions of color and petal shape changes. 

Please contact us if you would like to be notified when the report is released.  

Cut flower peonies will be available starting May 2, 2022

Cut flower dahlias, including bulk quantities of Cafe-Au-Lait, will be available starting June 2022




Cafe-Au-Lait Royal


Cafe-Au-Lait Rose

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